ILC Consultation

5 December, 2016

The NDIA has just released the Program Guidelines for ILC and the ILC Outcomes Framework Discussion Starter. The Program Guidelines provide further detail on the application and assessment process for ILC funding. There are also some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Program Guidelines.

The ILC Outcomes Framework Discussion Starter provides more detail about how outcomes from ILC funded activities will be monitored, measured, reported and evaluated.

The NDIA has also also released ILC Toolkit. The ILC Toolkit is an online resource that aims to build the capacity of the sector to prepare for ILC, including applying for and managing grant funding. Importantly, the ILC Toolkit will assist organisations to prepare for delivering, and reporting on, better outcomes for people with disability. The ILC Toolkit can be accessed at:

The NDIA intends to add to the ILC Toolkit over time and are currently exploring the best way to roll out the Toolkit nationally to complement its availability online.

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