Julia Farr Youth Conference

5 November, 2013

We are pleased to announce the Julia Farr Youth Conference program is now available!

The conference is for young people living with disability and professionals interested in empowering young people.

The topics cover all the things that matter to young people living with disability, including connecting with other young people, having a voice, living independently, transition skills and tips about travel and employment. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear other people’s life stories and learn how they navigated some of the tricky things in life.

All of our conference speakers live with disability and/or work in the disability sector.

The conference will be hosted by Julia Farr Youth – a group of young people aged 16-30 who live with disability and advocate on issues affecting young people living with disability.

The full program and registration form is available below (in PDF and plain text format).

Call us on (08) 8373 8333 with questions or comments.

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